May 12, 2022

An Adman On Marketing Books And Books Stores

By admin

Terry O’Reilly worked in advertising for most of his career of 30+ years. For the last bunch of years he’s had a program / podcast series on CBC Radio about advertising and marketing. Actually more than one iteration of that.

Terry – pic from

The current program is Under The Influence and it is in its 11st season.

The podcast for May 5, 2022 is ‘Confessions of a Book Lover: The Art of Marketing Books’.

It’s entertaining and informative and, if you’re trying to find new ways to get your book (or store) into the minds of buyers, might spark ideas for you. Give it a listen – it only costs your time. And you might find more of interest in his growing collection (200+) of podcasts. He’s intelligent, speaks well and has loads of anecdotes he shares with listeners. Did I mention he also has written books?

His podcasts are also available through iTunes and he’s in another venture: Apostrophe Podcasts.