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  • Writers using AI – should they disclose and when
    We’ve e had another story of a writer who has used AI in their work. In this case won a prestigious award in Japan and only at the acceptance ceremony revealed that 5% of their work was created by chat. GPT. Picture above is is from The Author, Rie Kudan, waiting until after… Read more: Writers using AI – should they disclose and when
  • Fall 2023 Poetry Café
  • Spring 2023 Poetry Cafe
  • Lost in the Hustle
    The competition writers face has evolved and we’re playing catchup now
  • Amazon bends
    Today I found out that Amazon will be changing its much abused return policy for ebooks. What was happening? Readers would ‘purchase’ an ebook. Then they’d read it. Then they’d return it. Amazon would reimburse them if it was within 7 days of the purchase. Fine so far but how do Authors get hurt? If… Read more: Amazon bends