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September 26, 2021

Stickers Are Not Enough

By admin

In a few previous posts (1, 2, 3) I’ve talked about the desire our guild has to get the local library to retain books in their collection that are by local authors.

The library has gone to the trouble of getting stickers and we’ve identified the local authors and their books in the collection.

And we’ve promoted the idea, here on our blog, that all we need is for these books to be borrowed at least once per year to stay off the purge list.

Well two weeks ago I saw one in a bunch of books already removed from the collection. It was one of Dani Collin’s books and she’s published dozens through Harlequin so the sting wasn’t that bad – they are still out there somewhere.

Then this past week my co-worker showed me a handful of Helen Durham’s books . . . one of our guild members from the beginning who is no longer in this world so there won’t be more books coming from her. I checked them all out immediately.

I guess I could go through the whole list of local authors’ books we have and check them all out personally but I kind of hoped that others would help out in this effort.

We’ve had numerous conversations about the library and our books there. And I know that some of you hold out a hope for more than a sticker – for a shelf or two specifically set aside for them. That may happen somewhere down the road but for now the stickers are what we have. And borrowing these books are the only way to have the library keep them . . . so please, please. please help out by borrowing one or two.

Because if you don’t do that, if your efforts stay in the realm of discussing what you hope gets done, then those books will fall to the purging process eventually.

  • Les Johnson, Sept 26, 2021