January 20, 2024

Writers using AI – should they disclose and when

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We’ve e had another story of a writer who has used AI in their work. In this case won a prestigious award in Japan and only at the acceptance ceremony revealed that 5% of their work was created by chat. GPT.


Picture above is is from https://nypost.com/2024/01/18/news/rie-kudan-used-ai-to-help-write-the-tokyo-tower-of-sympathy/

The Author, Rie Kudan, waiting until after judging for one of Japan’s most prestigious literary awards has become a controversial choice. Some of the judges, especially one who described the work as ‘flawless’, are likely feeling duped. And might also see damage to their reputations as well.

It is food for thought … using your brain.
Or you could have a conversation with ChatGPT about it.

I decided to ask the ChatGPT in Microsoft’s Edge browser about this. Here is our ‘conversation’ . . .

My question

Source: Conversation with Bing, 1/20/2024
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The ChatGPT inside Microsoft Edge browser