October 22, 2021

Another Marketing Channel

By admin

Do you use TikTok?

Many do, millions in fact. Actually there are more than a Billion active users.

TikTok has a channel called #BookTok for flogging your books.

In case you’ve not used, or know much about, TikTok and wonder if that’s really a useful place for you to market your baby maybe look at the graphic below. The publishers know a good thing when they see it and aren’t afraid of using it.

Why would they do that?

Well on TikTok book referrals, like everything else, are almost all done by the actual readers – not some company.

Watch the ITV segment on it below and you’ll see what that looks like . . . enthusiasm abounds.

If they like your book they’ll say so.
If they don’t like your book . . . well they’ll say that too.

But some of them are into providing a show for their followers so your book might get gushed about complete with tears of joy. Or it might get trashed – literally thrown into the trash basket with accompanying sound effects and loud negative comments. Not for the faint hearted writer . . .

On the flipside you too can be a TikTok user and book reviewer. It’s free and all it really takes is the time to learn the technology. And some guts . . . but you have those already because you’ve taken the step of giving your story to the world to read.