April 8, 2021

Books, Books, More Books and a Theme

By admin

Well it’s been a busy couple of days for me and the website. (or should that be the website and I?)

Starting on April 4 I began collecting information on a few of the books by local authors that I knew the library has in its collection.

I began with Helen Durham and her 3 books. One we had in the house and I could take a picture of its cover. For the others I had to wait until the library was open on the 6th. The information comes right from the library’s catalogue.

While I was there I remembered Dani Collins, probably the most prolific local author we have. She’s plugged into Harlequin and has 62 books out there. The library has 11 of them.

A little over a year ago I remember a woman coming up to the desk with a frown of concern. She had written two books that she was sure were in the library’s collection but she could not locate them. I was able to find them for her on the shelf (sometimes Fiction and Mystery are a mystery to browsers) and that’s when I learned she was a local author. So when I was done with Dani’s books I went to see if I could relocate them – knowing the approximate position in the stacks helped. Her name is Julianna Andrew.

Recently a patron had asked me about a couple of books by Lawrence Verigin. He has written 3 – the library has one of them and now it’s in our list.

On the 7th I asked a coworker if she knew of any more books in our collection by local authors. This was a good thing to do as she pointed me at books I’d forgotten and others I had no idea about. Books by Elaine Podovinikoff, Eli Popoff, Leslie Davidson, Rachel Jonat, and David Seven Deers.

Thank you Yelena.

These covered a wide range from non-fiction to fiction to children’s fiction and even a bilingual book.

I’ve added 29 books to the site over the past few days. All in our library’s collection. You can see them in the list at the bottom of the Library page on the menu OR by searching for the author’s last name in the Posts.

At this time I’m simply creating a Post for each library book and marking them all with the same category Books / Library Books. I’m not all that happy with the browsing limitations this format imposes so this may change in the future. For now you can find them hanging of the bottom of the Library Books page.

Other than trying out a new WordPress Theme, Popularis Writer, there’s not much more to mention just now.

Most of these are by authors who are not members of our little guild. We’d still appreciate it if you could take one or two or more out every now and then. You might even give reading them a try.

Stay safe . . . and if you get stuck at home – think of reading a book, or three, to help pass the time. Keeps you sane.