April 7, 2021

The Curse of the Infinity Bracelets

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The Curse of the Infinity Bracelets : a Vienna LaFontaine Novel

By Juliana Andrew

Call Number: FIC AND

Barcode: 35142002594249

Summary: After two decades of living seperate lifes, Vienna LaFontaine and Rainey Quinn are married in Bridge Falls, British Columbia where they first met and fell in love. Vienna has been living in northern Scotland for the past twenty years as Mistress of Avanloch Castle. It is here among the secrets and restless spirits of the castle that she and Rainey take up residence with her two daughters and her Avanloch family. Rainey presented Vienna with a set of antique silver bracelets that he had purchased and kept for her through all the years that they were apart. Strangely, Vienna knows their history; they are the “Infinity Bracelets” lost for over a century. It is her desire to unravel the mystery behind their disappearance and hopefully find their rightful heir. Vienna’s and Rainey’s search takes them to Spain and then Andorra. It is here, in a small village that the unthinkable happens and the Avanloch family is plunged into indescribable despair.