March 4, 2021

And so it begins . . .

By admin

Welcome to the new website for the Grand Forks Writers’ Guild.

After more than a decade we’re finally on the web!

The plan is for this to become a space to share our creative output, links to resources writers can find useful and, of course, links to the personal sites of members of the Guild.

To begin the blogging portion of the site I’m choosing go back, way back, to the beginning of story telling. Back before words appeared on paper . . . before they appeared on papyrus they were spoken. Passed down from mouths to ears over countless years some stories are treasured and preserved, albeit in a slightly altered for local consumption fashion. The essential core elements of the story remain the same but the names and places are changed to give it a flavour more palatable to whichever local culture hosts it. (all of you crime show watchers thought I was going to say changed to protect the innocent, didn’t you?)

I’m going to point you at an article over at the Smithsonian Magazine on just how far back some of the stories we call fairy tales go.

It has the title “Fairy Tales Could Be Older Than You Ever Imagined” with the teaser that “Jack may have been climbing that beanstalk for more than 5,000 years

Enough said – go enjoy the article. Don’t forget to come back and visit though – we hope to provide our own stories for your enjoyment . . .