April 10, 2021

More Library Books and Some Videos

Yesterday I remembered that Dennis Thome has work in the library. So I looked and found two of his works there. Now they are here as well. Later on in the evening I remembered another local, Mike Elliot, who wrote a book about on of his passions: repairing wood/canvas canoes. Sure enough the library has this book as well. After I’d added those I went […]

April 10, 2021

This Old Canoe

This Old Canoe : How to Restore Your Wood-Canvas Canoe By Mike Elliot Call Number: 623.829 ELL Barcode: 35142002649472 Available for purchase at Amazon.ca Mike does this, canoe repair and renewing, for a living – you can buy the book and find out more at his website canoeshop.ca. When Mike launched his book back in 2016 I was there to record a bit of that.

April 10, 2021

Tales of Canadian Rurality

Tales of Canadian Rurality by Denn Thome Call Number: FIC THO Barcode: 35142002568383 Available for purchase at Indigo, Amazon.com and Google Play among others. Normally, a twelve-mile strip of highway from the lake to town flows easily like the wind. But as traffic suddenly comes to a screeching halt, a married couple on a simple trip to town realizes a silver van from Alberta is […]

April 10, 2021

Other F Words

Other F Words : Experiments In Floetry by Denn Thome (though many around here may know him as Dennis) Call Number: 811.54 THO Barcode: 35142002568391 Back in 2015 Dennis gave a reading from his books at the local library

April 8, 2021

Books, Books, More Books and a Theme

Well it’s been a busy couple of days for me and the website. (or should that be the website and I?) Starting on April 4 I began collecting information on a few of the books by local authors that I knew the library has in its collection. I began with Helen Durham and her 3 books. One we had in the house and I could […]